Tenants & Students

Tenants & Students

Tenants & Students

Before you move in:

• No enquiries will be initiated, nor will the property be reserved for you, without receipt of your non- refundable holding money (minimum of £400) *

Admin fee / Tenancy Agreement: This includes Contract negotiations, amending and agreeing terms, and arranging the tenancy agreement.

£250- (Independent Property)

£100- (Rooms)

Referencing - £75.00 / Per Person This is charged for each tenant applying for the tenancy. All applicants over 18 years old must be on the tenancy agreement.
Referencing consists of identity, immigration and residential status, proof of previous address e.g. Utility bills, bank statements, council letter and NHS letter, financial credit checks, obtaining references from current employers and landlords and any other relevant information to assess affordability.

Guarantor Referencing - £75 - Guarantor only if a Guarantor is required and charged for each guarantor that is referenced. This Covers credit referencing and preparing a Deed of Guarantee as part of the Tenancy Agreement.

Company Referencing - £100.00 Company or Business reference fee

Renewal agreement fees - £50.00 one off charge for each renewal

After your application is approved, you will be required to provide a deposit (a minimum of one and a half months rent) against breakages or ruins over and above normal wear and tear. This deposit can be paid directly to our account or by cash. Funds must be cleared before access to the property to be granted. The deposit may be used to restore the property to tenantable condition should our final inspection should this to be necessary. All deposits will be covered by “The Deposit Protection Service” (DPS). Deposits will be refundable within 5-10 working days after returning all keys and providing proof of utility bill and council tax clearance.

Note: All disputes will be handled as per the scheme rules. The Deposit Protection Service Terms and Conditions are attached to this document and can also be found at https://www.depositprotection.com

*The Holding deposit is completely separate from a tenancy deposit/security bond. A holding deposit is a sum of money paid to us to reserve a rental property before you sign a tenancy agreement. The holding deposit is non-refundable if you were to withdraw your application for tenancy. In exceptional cases where the Agency is unable to provide the reserved property, this money will be refunded. Holding deposit do not need to be register under the tenancy deposit rules as it is not held as security in respect of a tenant's liabilities under a tenancy agreement as no tenancy agreement has been signed.